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  • Kirk Linehan

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    Address: 7077 E Marilyn Rd

    Kirk Linehan with West USA Realty has a better understanding of the Arizona Residential Real Estate market than your average Valley REALTOR®. He offers a unique combination of education – a Masters in Real Estate Development from the W.P. Carey School of Business – and over a decade of real-world experience in one of the nation’s most competitive Real Estate Markets. He has helped more buyers, sellers, and investors than 99% of our competition, by specializing in buying or selling homes, short sales/foreclosures, Trustee sales, and fix & flips. He been licensed in the Arizona Residential Real Estate market since 2003, and have seven years past experience in mortgage lending, which provides us a different perspective than your average Realtor. He not only buy and sell real estate for our clients, but actively do so for ourselves as well.  The vast experience he gained in building up our own rental portfolios, along with the ever-expanding roster of clients he has helped over the years, come together to form a knowledge and perspective rivaled by few Valley REALTORS®.  His keen knowledge of the Arizona Real Estate market keeps us abreast of current conditions in the market, but also allows him to identify future trends before other REALTORS®, and leverage those trends to our clients’ advantage. If you are an Investor but want a more passive role,he offers a profit sharing program. He will acquire the property, manage all aspects of the remodel, list the property, and then share in the profits. Hee can also teach you how to buy and hold rental properties that produce passive income for generations to come.  To learn more about these exciting programs, call Kirk Linehan at 480-486-7706.