How a Real Estate Agent Gets the Seller the Most for Their Home


When a real estate agent sells a home they take a standard 6% from the seller.  Some homeowners may want to cut this by proceeding with the sale on their own but there are repercussions to this including a waste of the owner’s valuable time and an overall reduction in the sale price.  Finding the right buyer can be as tricky as the paperwork involved.  However, the far more pressing reason to use a real estate agent when selling a home is to get the best price possible.  Agents have their tricks of the trade and this article will outline those.


Selling a home is a difficult and emotional process for many owners.  It is a place filled with memories that potential buyers do not necessarily want to know.  Keeping a distance from those viewing the home helps stabilize the process.  Agents are impartial and professional; they can be enthusiastic when it applies and prevent themselves from being offended.  There is also the emotional rollercoaster of coming close to a sale in a negotiation and being disappointed when it fails.


The business of the agent is knowing where to list homes for sale.  There are sites for owners to post but the network of an agent is much more far reaching.  They have access to potential buyers in extended areas.  Agents also know how to make these listings more enticing to potential buyers.  The more offers a home has is a direct correlation to a shorter sale period and a higher asking price.


Agents are trained to see what aspects of a home will increase the sale value.  A seller might think their kitchen is perfectly functional but an agent can reveal the details that would drive the asking price up beyond what it spends to remodel.  For those owners who still wish to sell their home without an agent should still hire an interior designer or property stager to improve the marketable desire of the home.  This could still lead to unnecessary spending that an agent could help to minimize.


The riskiest part of selling without an agent is the liability.  There a series of laws that buyers could use legally against the previous owner even years after the sale.  Agents are equipped to deal with these and understand the aspects that must be explained to the buyer.  An agent also has insurance to protect them and the seller if the buyer does eventually try to take legal action for any wrong doing.


Overall, an agent brings their expertise to the table.  They can devote more time to the sale and have experience that goes a long way.  They are professional negotiators that are inclined to sell at the highest possible price because their commission depends on it.  When a homeowner’s time is placed in the mix, the 6% commission is a small price to pay for the possible advantages of hiring an agent.