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Top Agent Connection is a directory, geographic search tool, social network and lead source!

High Quality Referrals

Our referrals are serious home buyers and sellers that want to be connected with a really good agent.

Performance Based

 Depending on your experience and track record, We can offer flat fees or referral fees.

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Grow your business by adding our service to your funnel of client acquisition

What is Top Agent Connection for Real Estate Agents?


Top Agent Connection is a great way for Real Estate Agents to showcase themselves, attain new clients, network, learn and gain exposure and marketing online. Top Agent Connection also is a way for buyers and sellers to find top local real estate agents by location, searching or requesting our matching services. Our website is also a social network, blog, forum, news source and much more!



How Does it Work?


You can choose to be on our directory only, if you qualify, clients can contact you directly or they can visit your links or sites. No referral fee is due when this happens. We also generate leads from multiple sources, run a lot of ads and have a call center, for lead referrals that we generate we ask for a 10% - 20% Referral fee. We have monthly, quarterly and Yearly subscriptions that start around $99 a month or $999 per year. If you can handle high volumes, call us at 888-359-1411.



How do I join?


All agents can join but not all agents qualify for leads, showing up in the directory, certain badges, statuses, premium services, featured listing placement and Lead/Appointment services. Please Apply First so we can let you know which options we have approved you for. We have an obligation to our users to provide them access and sorting of Top Agents, and for this reason we have an application process to verify, certify and identify top performing agents. Accounts range from Free to Yearly Memberships, some have a per lead fee and some have finder's fees or referral fees. Each program has a slightly different structure to fit every type of Top Agent out there. To get started, Create an Account at the bottom, and create a Free account and Apply for Top Agent Connection. Please provide and add as much information you can to your profile and application.



Please Begin By Registering an Account and Apply For Your Membership