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Hiring a Real Estate Agent to sell your biggest investment is a huge decision. You to make sure it's done right and your home gets presented properly so you can get what it's worth. A Top Listing Agent knows how to market your home, bring the right clientele, and present it properly. Their job is to ultimately negotiate the best sale for you in a timely manner. Top Agent Connection hand picks the best Listing Agents all over the US. We know how to identify the best ones and we make it easy for you to find them, learn about them and ultimately get connected with them. The Agents we present to you are statisticly proven to sell for more, sell fast and have an overall 5 Star satisfaction rating from clients. Essentailly, we find the best Agent for You.

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Buying a house is a fun and exciting process. At the same time, it is a delicate process that requires an experienced Agent. Your Agent needs to be a great negotiator who keeps a close eye on homes for sale so you NEVER miss an opportunity. A great Buyer's Agent will make sure you find the right house and make the process enjoyable and error-free. Hiring an inexperienced or low-performing Agent can mean missing an opportunity or worse - losing the home of your dreams. Top Agent Connection hand picks the best buyer's Agents. We interview and thoroughly research each Agent for you. Whether you to find a deal, have a custom home search set up or just work with best - We can help you.


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We had been looking online for a house for 4 months and had difficulties. We would find a home just to find out it wasn’t actually for sale anymore. They matched me with an agent that sent me new homes daily.

Marcus J.

Atlanta, GA

Top Agent Connection found us an agent who lived nearby and had been selling homes in our neighborhood for over 20 years. There are thousands of agents in our neighborhood and we found the best one!

Rick H. & Kathy H.

Miami, FL

Top Agent Connection put me in touch with an agent who spent months finding us the perfect home. Their agent was patient with me and always answers my texts and made time to show us homes.

Jessica R.

San Diego, CA

AgentZip Leads for Real Estate Agents

AgentZip Provides Real Estate Buyer Leads and Seller Leads on an exclusive basis for Realtors

When Agents Compete – You Lose

Top Agent Connection has a unique approach to finding you the perfect Real Estate Agent. There are companies that are similar to ours but each varies at its core. Some have a matching algorithm which never accounts for if that Agent will be able to service your...

6 Topics to Discuss with a Mortgage Lender

6 Topics to Discuss with a Mortgage Lender   Making a home purchase is often the biggest financial decision of a person’s life.  A lot of stages go into the process, finding the right mortgage lender is particularly important because it defines the loan terms...

How a Real Estate Agent gets the Seller the most for their home

How a Real Estate Agent Gets the Seller the Most for Their Home   When a real estate agent sells a home they take a standard 6% from the seller.  Some homeowners may want to cut this by proceeding with the sale on their own but there are repercussions to this...

How to Find a Real Estate Agent you can trust

How to Find a Real Estate Agent you can Trust A good real estate agent will guarantee a bigger price for your property, get it sold faster, and attract the best buyers, however, a bad real estate agent will drain your funds, cause you to settle for less, and end up...

Top Real Estate Agents

What defines a Top Real Estate Agent Well, there a few common traits that Top Real Estate Agents posses. Hard Working - They put in 50-100 hour work weeks Market Knowledge - They know each zip code and neighborhood down to a science Marketing - They know how to reach...

Real Estate Agent Directory

Top Agent Connection started our Real Estate Agent Directory with a few goals in mind; create an easy search for home buyers and sellers who want to locate a Top Realtor in their area. We wanted to make sure you as a homeowner can find an Agent, get to know them and...

Finding the “Right” Real Estate Agent

The following article is written by a homeowner, David J of San Diego, CA The “Right” Real Estate Agent It seems that everybody knows at least one real estate agent. Shake a tree in a thriving city like San Diego and ten fall out, and most know what they are doing....

Finding a Real Estate Agent to send a Referral To

Finding a Real Estate Agent to send a referral to can be tough. Top Agent Connection has a list of Agents you can send a referral to! So the reason behind our awesome profile is simple: Connect the dots. Have a profile where can list all your websites, photo, info and...

Choosing a Great Realtor

Choosing the best Realtor starts with you and then your home. You want to hire an Agent that you trust to sell your home, obviously. Many people hire a friend or a friend of a friend thinking all Real Estate Agents are the same. It is not the case whatsoever, the fact...

Top Agent Connection is your source to find Top Real Estate Agents. Browse our national directory of Top Realtors and Top Real Estate Agents. We recommend and display only the best of the best. Explore their profiles, watch their videos, see their websites and read their reviews. Top Agent Connection has over 17 years experience finding and identifying the best Agents, use our knowledge and proven system for finding identifying the Top Agents in your city.

Find Top Real Estate Agents

When hiring a Real Estate professional, you want to make sure you are working with the best and making the right choice in who you hire. Top Agent Connection will guide you towards the best local Real Estate professional for the job. Hiring a top professional matters, especially when it comes to most people's biggest investment -- Real Estate
Our business is built on your satisfaction, and our Top Agent Connection reviews tell the story.

Like many quality discount travel sites, we match you with the perfect real estate agent for your needs, including your community’s economy and the value of your house. In fact, we’ll provide you with a complementary evaluation, however this is only a small part of how we’ll find the best estate agent in the USA for you.

You’ll have access to the top agent choice for you. Our databases are incredibly detailed, including sales and awards history, photos, biographies and videos. It’s easy to recognize the top real estate agents.

How Our Search for a Top Real Estate Agent Works for You

 First, we’ll offer an agent match survey. Whether you’re buying or selling, we’ll match you up with our extensive list of the top 5% based on performance, and sort out which ones meet your requirements.

Results speak for themselves. Our Top Agent Connection sales records prove that over 160,000 matches, you can sell your home for an average of 13% more than the average. Our record of 30 less days spent on the market is a huge benefit to working with the best real estate agent in USA.

There are specific reasons for this. Experience and knowledge are the key to making the top agent choice, and without access to our database and effectiveness, they’re hard to find.

You can also choose for yourself. Search through and filter results to find a real estate agent that matches your criteria, and you personally feel comfortable with. Compare those with our recommendations.

Selling or Buying a Home and Additional Benefits

 Finding someone who has the experience and ability to secure you a great deal is mostly an objective choice.

Our Top Agent Connection insight is incredibly useful. Rather than depending on the word of friends or colleagues – whose needs and interest may differ from yours – it’s much better to select the best choice, based on facts.

One aspect is past home sales. Since it’s free to hire an agent from our database as a buyer or seller, and there’s no obligation to follow through with any of your choices, the results speak volumes. When you search for a Top Real Estate Agent in the USA through us, you’ll find full time professionals with an accurate record of client satisfaction, transactions and overall past home sales.

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