AgentZip is a Lead Generation service for Agents who want to utilize the power of Google PPC and Facebook Lead Ads in order to receive exclusive Buyer and Seller Leads. The way Agent Zip works is almost a backwards, reverse-engineered approach Zillow and Realtor use. On the Homes for Sale websites, a consumer browses for properties, then when they find a property they see an Agent, a lead is converted when they fill out a request that goes to multiple Agents. on AgentZip a person is presented with an Ad that lets them know they can find homes for sale, a much bigger list than Zillow etc. offer. This ad intrigues home shoppers because they aren't aware that an Agent's website has IDX access to all homes and Zillow does not. So they click on the ad to browse homes, their Name,Email and Phone grants them access to the list of homes for sale, then they see the Agent's profile and option to browse all homes for sale on the Agent's Website.

The Power of AgentZip is the exclusivity all around. Since the lead is generated through an Ad ran specifically for that Agent, the leads go to just that one Agent. Also, a profile on HomeBam is presented to the home shopper which brands the Agent and has all their reviews, links etc. all in one place. On the HomeBam profile, they can Browse all homes through the Agent's site and not get confused by seeing a lot of Agents. AgentZip is greatly favoring the Agent for this.

Agentology reported that in May 2018, AgentZip came #1 out of all lead sources that are not portals at 21% of leads converted to an appointment. So, 1 in 5 leads Agentology screened from Agent Zip ended up being motivated and qualified clients.

AgentZip offers more than just leads, they offer Funnels that further qualify leads, CRM and IDX solutions and coaching platforms that will teach you Facebook ads, like Ads4Agents or coaching that will help you convert leads through scripts, templates, email and text copies.

If you are looking to get exclusive leads on a great platform, visit AgentZip's website or call them at 858-252-1153

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