Top Agent Connection has a unique approach to finding you the perfect Real Estate Agent. There are companies that are similar to ours but each varies at its core. Some have a matching algorithm which never accounts for if that Agent will be able to service your unique situation, property - or - get along with you. You want to make sure you enjoy working with your Agent and feel like everyone is on the same page. Top Agent Connection makes sure that the Agent we match you with will be someone who works well with you.

Some companies will match you with 3-5 Agents who then compete for your business by undercutting each others Commission. Though it may seem like you are saving money with this strategy, the reality is that you are actually losing money. The reason comes down to business. A Real Estate Agent is a business professional. They have many operating costs and they invest time money and resources into your transaction.

Cutting down commissions when Selling your home, means the Agent now has to cut out some elements that provide to clients at their existing rate. Would you cut down a heart-surgeons fee if you knew the end-result would be cutting out vital parts of the procedure that ensure everything goes well? It's very similar with Real Estate. When you cut down a Seller's commission, you are cutting down services the Agent invest in that ensure you get the most of your home's sale. Not to mention, Real Estate Agents have their existing fee structure based off their past transactions and what was successful. Regardless of what you may think, when you force your Agent to discount commissions, you are likely cutting down the overall price you get for your home.

Cutting down commissions for your Buyer's Agent means cutting out opportunities. When you approach a Home Seller with a discounted commission offer and discounted price, the Seller will be much more likely to go with an offer from a Buyer who isn't asking for a crazy discount.

Top Agent Connection knows what works and which Agents are going to reach your goals. If you want to sell fast and get the most from home while having it marketed correctly with beautiful media, then we know which Top Agent can deliver exactly that. Regardless of your situation or Agent Analysts will find the perfect Real Estate Agent for you.