High Quality Referrals

Our referrals are serious home buyers and sellers that want to be connected with a really good agent.

Performance Based

Depending on your experience and track record, We can offer flat fees or referral fees.

Grow Your Business

Grow your business by adding our service to your funnel of client acquisition

  • What is Top Agent Connection for Real Estate Agents?


  • Top Agent Connection is a great new way for Real Estate Agents to generate additional referral business. The Real Estate Industry has evolved. The internet has changed everything – and this includes Real Estate and how people find agents. Top Agent Connection is a way for buyers and sellers to find the right real estate agent for their needs and a way for agents to receive referrals and leads that are ready to sell or buy a home.


  • How does it work?


  • To get started, Fill out the application at the bottom and create an account and add as much information you can to your profile. When we have clients that are a good match for you, our team will reach out to connect you. Important: If we refer you to a client, it is extremely important that you contact them right away.


  • What does it cost?


  • Top Agent Connection ranges from 10-20% to Broker-to-Broker referral fees at the time of contract or at closing. It all depends on your  sales track record, your past client's feedback and what benefits the client that we send.


  • How many leads should I expect?


  • Top Agent Connection is about quality, not quantity. People come to our website because they are looking to get connected with a Top Agent . Our team screens, verifies and qualifies almost every prospective client that we refer to our agent partners. As a result, you can expect fewer leads through the Top Agent Connection platform vs.Home Buying portals or other volume based lead sources. The plus side is that we save you a ton of time working leads and only send over very high quality referrals that have very high probability of closing. These will be some of, if not the highest, quality leads you will ever receive.

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