What is Top Agent Connection

Top Agent Connection is an online resource and free service for Home Buyers and Sellers that will match you with the best Top Agent based on your specific needs, goals, situation or other requests.

How Much Does This Service Cost

Our service is completely free and is offered with no obligation or risk. You are not required to work with our recommended agent.

How Do You Find Your Top Agents

We have over 15 years of experience working with Real Estate agents and our team members can from a variety of companies that specialize in Real Estate and working with Real Estate agents. Our database includes Hundreds of Thousands of agents that we narrow down for you. Our Real Estate industry knowledge and expertise paired with our custom Match Making system gives us the ability to figure out which agent would be best for your specific situation or needs. We only work with the best of the best, that is why we are called Top Agent Connection.

How Quickly Will An Agent Get Back To Me

Once we receive your request, we get working on it right away. In some cases we might need to call or email you to gather a little more information from you or listen more about your situation. In most cases you will hear from an Agent within an hour and no later than a day.

How Many Agents Do You Match Me With

It can be overwhelming having a lot of agents calling you, the competition can also distract from the real goal which is assisting you and your needs. We will match up with a great agent that fits your goals and needs and if you do not want to work with that agent we can always send you more agents. If you wish to interview multiple agents, we can send you a 2-5 to interview.

How Do You Find and Qualify Agents

It took us years and years but we have experts and tons of data in our system that narrows down the Top Agents and then our proprietary matching systems selects the best fit for you. We interview agents over the phone and they go through an application process. We analyze a lot of data and work with them on an on-going personal level to make sure that agent is always on top of their Real Estate business.

What If I Don't Like The Agent

We have a very good system and proven results but that doesn't mean it will be a great fit every time. If you do not like the Agent or Agents we send you, you are not required to work with them.

Why Do Agent Work With You

Because Agents rely on getting new clients and selling homes, sources like ours help their business grow. We are dedicated to helping you the homeowner and we are also dedicated to rewarding Top Agents nationwide. The best of the best should be recognized and we provide that opportunity to them.

Do You Sell or Give Out My Information

The only person that will get your information will be the Agent. We do not sell information to third parties.

Can I Compare Agents

Yes, we can give you profiles and detailed data and information so you can select an agent if you do not wish to use our matching system.

I Have More Questions

Feel Free to Call Us at  619-566-7840 or Email us at  support@TopAgentConnection.com